Visualize with me ...

You have just woken up, and in the first few minutes you can feel dozens of blessings from nature coming to you.


The song of the birds in your ear, the color of the sky at dawn, the air coming into your lungs and you can feel every stimulation like a solar ray touching the skin. Your body in itself, and the possibility of feeling all this is already the greatest blessing.


You realize that this life is too extraordinary to be passed without a purpose. Without knowing the why's ... 


Then your mind travels away from your home, and you realize: Your existence is part of something much bigger. 


The planet Earth is a living system. And you are an organ in this body. 

What are you in this system? A disease or a component that flows with harmony?

Now, if you are being honest with yourself, you know that we live in an extremely complex and destructive society, and it is very likely that you are contributing to the disease on the planet.

And all the global crises make you feel very far from being the cure.

You know that even following the tips here and there on how to be more "sustainable", there is still a lot to be done and the change is visceral.

You know you NEED to do things differently, now.

You're ready.
You are ready to enter new versions of yourself.

Ready to welcome the intuitive woman who lives inside you, who feels the cycles of nature running through the blood, and makes each choice based on the greater good for the existence of everything and everyone.

You are ready to connect with mother nature in a much more harmonious and symbiotic way

The change is possible. But you do not put it into practice because the feeling of not knowing where to start makes you feel hopeless.

I understand. I used to feel the same.


I am Fabi

And if you are reading this, you probably have already connected with my mission and my work in the world.

In the process of taking care of myself, I discovered that it was impossible to think of ME without thinking of the whole. Thats how i realized that the health of the planet Earth, Mother Nature and all animals, is the health of my body ~ mind ~ soul.

That's how i woke to my mission: reconnect with ancient living ways, people who trusted, respected and thrived with mother Earth.

I am in this journey to awaken my female instincts and intuition, bringing back manual skills and being the change i want to see in the world.

After years of selling products to change the world through my brand Com Amor Florinda, I woke up to the fact that knowledge spreads much more effectively than a product and that our planet does not need to buy more, but to learn more.

Having knowledge is empowering because it is eternal and makes you independent to change the world with your own hands.

One day I looked around, and I also found myself dependent on products that were not good for me or nature.

When I looked at the labels, I was sad to realize that more than half the names on the list of ingredients were synthetic.

Five years ago I stopped consuming from the large industries and started making my own products at home, knowing exactly what went in them and spending a lot less money!

On this journey, I learned a lot, gave courses in Brazil, sold my products in several stores and gathered a community of 23k people on Instagram, all together for the same purpose.

Today, I dedicate myself to share this knowledge with you and guide you in this change. After all, I've already been in your position and I know how challenging it is.



A The change is much faster and pleasurable when you have a support network.

With someone who has gone through the challenges, who has made several mistakes, tested all the recipes ... Someone who knows what works to live a (real) sustainable  life in this unsustainable society.


Programa Online

This course is for you if you want to:

+ Connect with your truth through caring for the planet Earth


​+ Live sustainably while spending less

​+ Know your are the best version of yourself in regards to nature


​+ Free yourself of the big industries / super markets / pharmacies


​+ Know exactly what you are putting on your body and inside your home

+ To have practicality in day-to-day life and to live a minimalist life


+ Need fewer products to take care of you and your home and still know how to do all of them in an uncomplicated way



In addition to recipes and formulas ...


I will teach you step-by-step how to make things from scratch, so that you will depend less and less on purchased products and understand alchemy deeply, so you will know how to make your products for the rest of your life.


All this through an uncomplicated and

no frills vision, so that the change

is real and effective!

Corpo Casa Manual is an online course

composed of 38 video classes

+ written material,

divided in 7 modules,

each module delivered weekly from the start of the program. 

+ a bonus module with a lesson on how to live a life with no waste

You will have access to all this through a login and password, for a special platform for this course, which I will send you after your registration.



The principles

1.1 Making life easier

1.2 The smell and cleaning concept

1.3 Rules to follow


Oils & Butters

2.1 The natural moisturizer

2.2. What to look for in an oil

2.3 Different textures and densities

2.4 How to make your moisturizer

2.5 How to make you lip balm

2.6 How to make your makeup remover


Masks & Scrubs

3.1 What they are for

3.2 What to use

3.3 How to make your scrub

3.4 How to make your mask



4.1 Why we smell

4.2 Why the conventional deodorant is so bad

4.3 My favorite recipe

4.4 Bicarbonate of soda?



5.1 What is a natural soap

5.2 The difference between soap and shampoo

5.3 The tabus and cautions

5.4 How to choose the ingredients

5.5 Step by step

Soap for the home

5.6 How to choose the ingredients

5.7 How to make soap for your home

5.8 How to make laundry powder

5.9 How to make detergent for the dishes



6.1 What it is and why it's important

6.2 How to make from scratch

6.3 How to make your face toner

6.4 The perfect hair conditioner

Vinegar for the house

6.5 How to use

6.6 Infused vinegar


How to choose to buy

7.1 Ingredients to avoid

7.2 Other factor to bring into account

7.3 Sunscreen

7.4 Toothpaste


Bonus Module

How to live a life with no waste


This is a program that embraces sustainability in a broad and coherent way, looking at every aspect of your life, from our body, to our home (and out of it, on planet earth as a big house). It brings you to a visceral change, through explanations and uncomplicated demonstrations so that you can make a complete change in your life, not just in 1 habit.

I believe that simple recipes and formulas are not able to transform a life. It is necessary to change the mindset and realign the purposes, really understanding how things work, from scratch.


Because of that, all contents are brought in an uncomplicated and no frills way, so that it is real and doable to apply in your routine.


After registering, you will receive an email, within 72 hours, with a login and password to the portal where classes will take place. The course starts (date here) and new modules are released weekly.


After the course ends, all classes are available to you on the portal for an indefinite period.


This program is a knowledge package to empower you to have a free, sustainable and independent life.


The value of your application is an investment. Because after finishing the course and putting everything that you learned in practice, you will spend at least 3x less on products for your body and home care.​

That means you will have a monthly savings of at least R$ 100, considering that the average spend for women in Brazil ONLY with self-care products is R$ 150.

This course pays off in less than 7 months, and after that you earn money for the rest of your life without having to worry about giving your money to an industry that does not care about your health and well being!

The program has the value of

12 x R$ 64,00

ou R$ 640,00 à vista

Registration will be open until (date here), or until all the vacancies are completed.

You'll be directed to the payment page. The payment plan option comes after entering the data on the card.


"With the lessons I learned to make everything I have always liked, such as moisturizers and lip balm and I realized how much products sold in the market are bad for our health. Everyone should have the opportunity to know, everything that comes from their land is sacred and good for you, so it does not need to be bought in a supermarket or come packed in a pink box just because it is beautiful. Conscious consumption can change and transform the future of us all, as we see our food, as we do our clothes, as we live. We must know how important this is, even in small steps this will be totally surprising and economical. "

- Cibele S.

"Corpo Casa Manual course is a breath and a balance in the midst of these paradoxes, because it makes the search process for coherence, which is usually painful, simple and pleasurable. The Corpo Casa Manual program helped me to understand that it is possible to transform habits and customs in a light and pleasant way. It has helped me to realize that I do not have to be as dependent on industry as modern thought has always deceived us. I can make my own soap. I can make my own shampoo. I can, with my hands, develop products for my body and my home. " - Marina S.

""Corpo Casa Manual came as the answer I was looking for and it still made me rethink about the amount of things I had in the stall and how my routine affects the health of the world. The program helped me rethink consumption habits and gave me the absolute certainty that I could rather live with less.

I know that on the internet we find a lot of information on this subject, but precisely because of the huge amount of pages it is difficult to filter what is true and not everyone has the time or patience to do such research. The course brings these answers in a way that does not take much of the time of the person you are watching. "

— Denise M. 

Você será direcionada para a página de pagamento. A opção de parcelar vem depois de inserir os dados do cartão. 


When and how will I have access to the course?

The course is delivered through a portal made especially for online courses. There you will find the modules and classes, in recorded video format + written material. The course starts on (date here), when the first module will be available to you. Then you will receive a new module per week.

I really wanted to take the course but I found it expensive ... What can I do?

One of the objectives of this course is to help you take some steps toward self-sustainability. That means it will show you ways to depend less on money to get what you need. Seeing this over the long term, this course is an investment that will cost you an initial amount and will help you save a lot of money and health for the rest of your life!​

I do not have much free time ... Is this course for me?

Nowadays it is common for people to say that they do not have the time and money to do things, but they do not realize they are using them all the time, working to make money and then buying things they do not have time to do. .. The modules are available weekly but will be available to you forever! That means you can do it in your time. As an online course, it also means that you can attend classes anywhere, which makes the process much easier for those who can not commit to a fixed schedule. As for the content of the course, there are some classes that invite you to put your hand in the dough, but if you can not find the time to do it, that's okay. Watching classes will already bring you incredible content to learn how processes work, so you can shop consciously.


Is it possible to pay without a credit card?

Yes. You can make a cash payment by deposit by contacting me by email. In case you have any difficulty with the payment tool or prefer to carry out otherwise, you can contact me at


Can I download the classes?

No. The course platform is 100% protected and reliable, which means that only those who have registered for the course and are part of the group can participate.

Why is this course more expensive than the face-to-face workshops you have already done?​

This course has some recipes similar to my face-to-face courses, but it is a much more extensive and comprehensive program. It brings more general training on sustainability and health. In addition, in it I teach techniques that I have never taught in 1-day workshops, such as sabo and fermentation. Unlike workshops, this is a course that in addition to simple formulas, you will have enough knowledge to create your own recipes forever. The Corpo Casa Manual program is a change that goes through life.​


What if I have questions and need help?

To resolve questions and share experiences, you can contact me at any time via email and I will accompany you to resolve the problem. It will be a pleasure to dive deeper with you!

If you have any questions or you want to talk to me, you'll find me here:

or instagram @fabiflorinda